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The International Scholar is a collaborative network of professionals in international affairs and public policy fields.

We provide fresh perspectives and new ideas on global affairs through professional analyses, articles, and conversation on current events and global issues. We aim to provide outside, unfiltered critical thinking about the largest 21st Century issues in public policy, international relations, economics, law, politics, and philosophy. In an age of rapid change and global challenges, the world needs strong, original critical thinking.

What Makes Us Unique:

The International Scholar is an international collaborative network of international career professionals from diverse backgrounds, political persuasions, and numerous nationalities. We promote no single political or philosophical narrative apart from a general belief in cooperation to improve the world in which we live.

 The ITS is first and foremost a forum for ideas, which means that the ITS takes no institutional stance on policy. As such, any opinions reflected by the ITS are those of the individual contributors or guests, and not of The International Scholar.

Our International Scholars: